Field Service

Start-up and Commissioning
Proper start-up and commissioning of pumps and process equipment is vital to ensure long term reliability of pump and system components. Improper installation and commissioning of pump and process equipment can cause premature equipment failure and delay the overall plant start-up thus costing end users valuable time and money. Specific

Speed offers the following services:
• Start-up of new equipment after installation
• Re-commissioning after seasonal shutdown or changes to your process
• Pre-start-up checklist
• Operator training

Pump & System Performance / Pump Failure Analysis
Specific Speed Pumps & Systems provides clients with root cause analysis to solve a wide range of problems that can occur. Our knowledge of pump hydraulics, fluids, piping systems and overall pump operation allows us to help clients identify specific problems within a pump and process system.

Our expertise includes:
• Hydraulic Geometrical Analysis and Material Analysis of pump parts
• Pumping System calculations to optimize operating equipment at premium efficiency
• Increase mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM)
• Energy consumption reduction

Field Performance Testing
Field performance testing can be very useful to solve pump problems and reduce maintenance costs. Pumps are designed to operate near their best efficiency point. Flows significantly above or below the pumps best efficiency point can cause poor pump reliability, cavitation, impeller and casing damage, increased wear, bearing housing failure, mechanical seal failure and high energy costs.
Energy Audit

It makes sense to have your equipment operating as efficiently as possible to reduce your utilities expense and reduce wear and tear on pump equipment. Our technical personnel are CEM certified to provide a detailed energy audit of your pump and process systems.